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  • Rachel Micke

Heart Makes the Family

"It is not flesh and blood but the heart which makes us fathers and sons" -Johann Schiller

Mother’s Day was last weekend. On the Friday before, a fellow missionary friend gave me a little pot of miniature daffodils and tears filled my eyes-daffodils always remind me of my mom and how I’d pick them for her from the garden as a little girl growing up. And in that moment, I was both loving and missing my mom.

But mother’s day was especially beautiful when I got to thinking about God’s incredible goodness and provision for my heart. You see, there have been many times since become an adult when I was away from my family or even desired to have a family of my own to share in my experiences of life. And while I couldn’t always have that, couldn’t have them close-by, God has over and over, time and time again brought people into my life who are what I call, “friends like family.” People who have invited me to their family dinners and celebrations. People who have taken me under their wings, poured out advice, loved me and hugged me when I needed it. People who have sat around my table as we shared in a meal and people who introduced me to their own families. People who have reached out to make sure I wasn’t alone and that I was ok.

Our God is so beautifully relational. He even describes His relationship to us in familial terms-Father, Son, Brother.... Family is important to God. And no matter where I am in the world, whether at home or away, my good Father has been so masterful to give me “family.” So when the world threatens to discourage me and tell me I'm in this alone, I don't have to go far to see the smiling faces and feel the warm embraces of those whom God has given to remind me, "not ever."

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