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  • Rachel Micke

The Wedding

My sister got married this week. It was one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been a part of-especially the ceremony. We all surrounded them in support and love under a big white tent, and as the gentle rain fell outside, they read their vows to each other with emotional voices and beautiful tears. I watched my sister's groom look at his stunning bride and the deepest places of my heart were moved with the love I saw there. And in those few moments the INTIMACY of the Lord fell in that place, thick and rich and glorious.

I say all that to say this: The Groom is waiting...our sweet, beautiful, wonderful Jesus is waiting for His bride, the Church. He's waiting for the people of South Africa to be clothed in the white of His righteousness and coming down the aisle toward His waiting, expectant embrace. And His heart is longing for intimacy with them, for them to experience His great love and overwhelming grace.

I can't wait to be there. I want to run run run to get on the plane, to jump in head first into the ministry that the Lord has called me to in this beautiful country, and watch with tears and joy as the Bridegroom woos his Bride to come to His side.

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