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  • Rachel Micke

The "Moreness" of Him

I'm not sure when life decided to grow wings and fly by, but it certianly has. The whirlwind of the last 22 months since I began this journey seem but only a blink of the eye. Could we possibly have two months of 2016 tucked away in our past and be headlong already into the third? The calendar says it's true. My mind is having a harder time accepting it. But as I look

, I think my heart comprehends the most signficance of all that has transpired the most.

This journey has had it's challenging moments, but it has been oh so beautiful. God has changed me in the process, molded my heart in the journey. I see beauty in people where I once only saw a face. I have appreciation for people's stories when before I was too rushed in my own thoughts to fully give them notice. I have spoken of God's faithfulness without knowing of it's depths. I have found the joy of a God who is ever present in my daily life when I once only connected to him in my need.

And it's only a fragment of the beauty that is to be discovered in the Lord. How many lifetimes, how many journeys would I need to the outermost parts of the this world to even begin to feel I have made the slightest discovery of Him? So this post is about gratefulness for the lessons, even the hard ones. And it's about worship to the One who is more, so much MORE.

The moreness of makes my breath catch in my chest. It burns in my heart and pushes me forward in this adventure. The moreness of Him...found in a child's laugh, seen in a bright smile from a passerby on the street. Heard in a friendly greeting between strangers and in felt in the moments when one heart connects to another. These moments that echo His love for the whole word to see... I long to be a part of them in the country of South Africa. How I long for the people to experience His overflowing heart for them and to see it reflected in their eyes. To exchange a mutual look of knowing that it is more than could ever be conjured by our own might or will, but that it's a glimmer of Heaven in our very midst. The moreness...nothing quite like it.

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