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  • Rachel Micke

Ready, Set,....

We had just gotten back from my first mission trip to Bangkok, Thailand. I had a deep-down knowing that this experience had changed my life. It had sent me on a different trajectory than I had ever imagined for my own future. God had revealed a glimmer of His call on my life to missions, but the best way to describe my feelings at the time was, "uneasy."

As I drove down 3rd Ave towards my home, I had a vulnerable and honest conversation with God.

"I'm not ready for this. I'm not ready to give up my home and my career that I've worked so hard for. I'm not ready to give up my car or my stuff. I'm just not."

But after a brief moment, I uttered, "So if you want to use me, then you have to change me."

Fast forward to 2010, I found myself in an "Abraham Moment." I believe God asked to me to move to New York City. I got my license to practice there and was all ready to go. Ready to sell all my things and start completely anew in a place unlike any I'd ever lived. On my own, without question or hesitation, simply because I believed God called me to do so. He had changed me, and I hadn't ev

en realized it until that season of life.

I call it my Abraham Moment because what I heard God ask me to do did not materialize as His ultimate plan. No, instead God was testing the work He had done in me. The material possessions and positions and financial status that once held me back were no longer a consideration. And when God challenged me, "Are you willing to let go of everything and go where I ask you to go?" I was able to answer "Yes." READY.

This month, I was challenged to step out into the deep waters of that faith once again. This time it wasn't just saying with my words that I was willing, but it was walking it out in reality. Looking back on the transition, I though it would be much harder than it was, but God's grace and favor was over me so strongly. In the last 3 weeks, I have sold most of my possessions and moved into a condo with a dear friend of mine to not only save money, but to prepare for and commit my life even further to this call to South Africa. SET.

Now all that remains is to complete my support-raising so I can book my tickets and launch into this life of ministry I've been created for. Everything is lining into position, the energy and anticipation is electrifying...I close my eyes, breathe in, and brace myself for the shout...GO!

To be part of this journey, and get me closer to "GO," please click here to partner with me financially!

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