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  • Rachel Micke

Back to my Seat

This post was supposed to come out last month, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who blinks and finds themself a month down the road from when you intended to do something! In complete honesty, I must say it's been a difficult few months for me. It's been exciting, but also extremely busy and in some ways disheartening. And in the middle of this, I've found myself getting distracted from what's truly real and important.

But my beautiful, wonderful Jesus is always so good to meet me exactly where I am, bringing the right words, the right encouragement, the right people, the right prayers, the right mindset.

And the words I needed to hear, and even adopt as a banner over this season of life, came from a pastor speaking at our church missions convention. He said, "Do what you can, and God will do what you can't."

So simple, and yet so deep. More often than I'd like to admit, I find myself attempting to climb into the driver's seat of this journey, of my life, and trying to do it ALL. And in this, I become so exhausted, so desperate, and so overwhelmed that I render myself unable to do anything at all-even those things I AM called to do. And what good am I then? I only find myself further behind where I'd like to be and tossed about by those fickle feelings of "I can't do this!"

And ever so sweetly, but yet so profoundly, Jesus helps me back into my passenger seat and buckles me in with His grace and sovereignty. He brings my focus back on him, reminds me of my part, gives me strength to complete it, and sets everything back in motion as it should be.

And so continuing down the road, I look at Him, smile, and settle in for the ride, even more excited, and even more in love.

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