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  • Rachel Micke

But God...

Honesty time.

There are days I'm not sure I have what it takes to do this.

That's right, I've questioned this journey. I've stressed over it. Been overwhelmed by it. Felt like walking away from all of it. I've asked myself so many times, "Do I have what it takes?"

The answer is "No, I don't".... And I'm grateful for it.


Yeah, grateful. If I had what it takes in and of myself, it would be all up to me in my humanness, using all the strength and strategizing I could muster, having the right words or the right strategies, the right graphics, or presentations. The right amount of emotion and the perfect stories. Conjouring up love and genuine care for many othrs... All up to me. And in the end, I'm quite certain it still wouldn't be enough.

But God. Those two, sweet words...but God. But God gives me grace and favor. But God gives me strength. But God gives me blessings. But God gives me ideas and laces His words into mine. But God puts supernatural love for others in my heart. But God guides me and directs my path. But God calls me and opens otherwise impossible doors.

I am not enough, and never could be. But God is all I need.

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