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  • Rachel Micke

15 Months

15 Months. That's nothing. 15 months goes by without hardly a blink or a breath. I'm really having so many emotions about this all. Of course, excitement! Nervous. Overwhelmed. Joyous. Anxious. Hopeful. Uncertain. Unprepared. Trusting Deeper. This list could go on!

Tomorrow I will fly to Springfield, MO for the week-long Pre-Field Orientation (PFO). Because I'm great at procrastinating, I'm writing this instead of packing. There's already so much to do and prepare prayer going into this week is that I will understand and absorb and feel confident about the next 12 months after the PFO is finished. I'm looking forward to meeting other MA's too. They're flying in from all over the country-so many incredible people of God who will be going out all over the world to do the work He's called them to. What an extraordinary opportunity to meet them, connect with them, share with them, and befriend them-I think some may even become friends for a lifetime. I'm hoping so anyway. :)

So that's where I am right now. I know every step of this journey will bring me closer to God's heart, and all the worries I carry will prove to be nothing in the face of my all-loving Father. In all honesty, I can't even begin to fathom the lives God will move on as he intertwines them with mine. This is more than I could ever have expected, dreamed of, or hoped for. How beautiful it is...messy, crazy, wild, unpredictable...but simply beautiful.

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