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  • Rachel Micke

Swing Wide the Door

I could never have predicted what meeting this man would mean for my future that week in 2012. As we were sitting down to lunch, talking life, talking ministry (in of all places, McDonalds!), he looked up at me intently, and seemingly out of nowhwere, and asked me a question that would change the course of my life from that moment on... "Do you think you've ever been called to missions?" My heart began to beat quickly as I recalled the many words that had been spoken over my life the past few years and the tug on my heart that had been placed there during my first missions experience.


I knew I was called. I just never could imagine where or how or when...but in a moment I heard the Holy Spirit speak to my heart..."This is your door." This was the one that was meant for me to walk through. The one I'd been waiting for, praying about, anticipating...just like that it was swung wide open in only a way God himself could ever orchestrate. He's amazing, and I'm so grateful for the people, like Pastor, whom He has used to speak into my life!

Instagram - Pastor C and I at Cape Point_edited
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