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What a beautiful gift God has given us when He asks us to partner with Him in prayer! This journey to reach South Africa feels like an impossible one in many ways, but I know my God is bigger than impossible. This is why I'm asking you to join with me in prayer. 


Prayer Points

*That I would connect with and really LIVE the love of God to those I will serve.


*That people's hearts would be turned to God


*For wisdom, guidance, and direction to be poured out as we partner with the National Church in ministry.


*That resources needed to accomplish God's plans would be abundant.


*For my family and friends 


*For the South Africa Church Planting team 


*That Hope would rise up,  Love would abound, and for the one to be found. 

Your prayers are deeply needed. Commit to pray by clicking the link below, and watch and see all God will do as His people call out to Him

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